Even though every client is unique, with its own specific requirements, one thing they have in common is that thorough preparatory work is required to produce results. We have therefore developed a methodology that ensures high quality and good results.

How we operate

We value long-term relationships and high quality. In our work we therefore use a three-step model that ensures quality and produces results for our clients:


In order for our communications activities to produce the best possible results, we begin every project with a basic analysis to gain an understanding of the client’s unique circumstances. In the start-up phase we draw up an assignment description outlining background, purpose and goals. We then carry out research, external monitoring and trend-watching before producing a thorough proposal for how we can work together to achieve the desired goals.


Depending on the results of our analysis, our proposals may vary. The proposals could include establishing a platform for strategic communications, arranging media training for spokespersons, drawing up an activity plan for the coming year, drafting an opinion piece, working on developing a brand, establishing a plan for crisis management, or a targeted media campaign around a specific theme.


A thorough and detailed strategy and a plan form the basis for successful implementation. We have the experience and resources required to achieve the desired results. This applies to both long-term communication strategies and acute crises, brand transfers and press conferences, local press opinion pieces and global launches. At all times, our aim is to create the maximum benefit for our client.

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